Bauwelt Award 2019

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Bauwelt Award 2019

For the eleventh time the Bauwelt Award “First Works” will be tendered this year – from now on you can submit your first work. The Bauwelt Award (consisting of 6 awards of 5000 Euros each) applies to all categories of “First Work” – from the interior design of shops and stores to prototypal constructions, from public housing projects to the restructuring of a public space and to temporary interventions. Qualified for submission is every first work the submitter has realized on his or her own responsibility and which has been completed after September 30th, 2015. The closing date of the digital submission is September 15th, 2018.

The Bauwelt Award is awarded every two years together with Messe München and is presented and exhibited at BAU 2019 in Munich.


Eligible to participate are architects, interior designers, urban planners and landscape architects from all over the world, individuals as well as working teams.

Documents and Submission

The digital upload to submit your work for the Bauwelt Award is open until September 15th, 2018 at The submitted work is to be presented on four sheets in A3 landscape format. Participants may freely design the sheets at their own discretion, but should note the following the guideline for the submission:

1. On the first sheet, the project should be presented with a single photo only.

2. Please put down all relevant information about the project in writing on the second sheet. In addition to the author‘s details and key data on the project, the project should be briefly explained here. The explanatory report should not count more than 400 words. Competition languages are German and English. You can supplement the text with pictures and drawings.

On the 3. and 4. page you should present your work in drawing and photos comprehensively and clearly in its entirety and in detail. Expected are the important floor plans and sections as well as photos of the project.

The documents will not be returned. Legal recourse is excluded.


Verena von Beckerath Heide & von Beckerath, Berlin
Nicole Kerstin Berganski NKBAK, Frankfurt
Kaye Geipel Bauwelt, Berlin
Eva Maria Lang Knerer und Lang Architekten, Dresden/München
Felix Reiner studioeuropa, München
Jörg Stollmann Lehrstuhl für Urban Design & Architecture, TU Berlin


The prize money consists of 30,000 Euros. For each of the six prizes, 5000 € will be awarded to the winner. The jury is entitled to split the sum differently.


All award-winning projects as well as a selection of further entries will be published in Bauwelt 1.2019 and shown at the BAU 2019 on the Munich fairgrounds from January 14th to 19th, 2019. The prize award ceremony and exhibition opening will be Thursday, January 17th, 2019, at 5.30 pm as part of the conference held in hall C2. The exhibition will be shown on the gallery in the entrance area (west). All participants in the competition declare their acceptance of the Conditions of participation by their participation in the competition. The participants in the competition assure that they are the creators and authors of their competition entries. Furthermore, they declare their consent to the cost-free publication of their submission. The participants are solely responsible for obtaining allowances for the right of use of third parties (especially with regard to photographs). After the end of the BAU 2019, the award-winning and selected projects will be shown in further exhibitions. The exact locations and dates will be published in good time prior to the respective exhibitions in Bauwelt.


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